Join the Global Entrepreneurship Week Fort Worth Community!


Without volunteers GEW FW would never happen. The week long event takes a lot of hands at many levels. Event coordinators, an organizing board, marketing coordinators and several other types of volunteers are needed.


Without great presenters GEW FW would not be able to deliver powerful content. Maybe you have been a presenter in the past or this is your first experience with GEW FW. Reach out and we will start the interview process.


It is critical that GEW FW is able to remain free because accessibility is critical in cultivating a thriving community. The generous support of our partners and sponsors enable this world-class event to be available to all.

Event Promotions

Do you have an event that fits the GEW FW spirit by being free, orientated around entrepreneurship, not a sales pitch for a product or service and inclusive for all? Submit your event here for GEW FW week to start the process of getting your event approved and promoted as part of GEW FW.